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Front Of Three-Pane Slim Patio Door To 1930's House

Three-Pane Slim Patio Door To 1930's House

This 1930’s house was transformed by a reconfiguration and rear extension, and a three-pane slim patio door. The three-pane patio door sits within the rear elevation of the new extension, providing the main connection between the newly organised ground floor living spaces and the rear garden.

The rear elevation of the contemporary extension was created with dark grey bricks. The slim patio door sits within this solid structure, providing a sliding wall of light within the extension façade.

The use of a three-pane slim patio door design ensures that the centre view through the glass elevation is clear, with no sightlines.

Internal of Three-Pane Slim Patio Door To 1930's House
External of Three-Pane Slim Patio Door To 1930's House


The three-pane patio door slides to one side of the aperture, creating an opening of two thirds. The location of the stacking point and the direction of the patio door opening was designed in conjunction with the interior layout. Fixed shelving and a wall mounted TV occupy the living room wall and direction of travel from the living room to the garden meant that the sliding door opening configuration made most sense this way.

When closed, the slim patio doors offer a frame with a minimal 21mm sightline with floor to ceiling glass. This helps the contemporary extension to connect to the garden throughout the year, blurring the lines between inside and out and visually enlarging the interior space.

With a flush threshold, the patio doors allow that important connection to the garden when the doors are open.

Above the extension, a smaller two pane window installation was used for a slim sliding window to the master bedroom. This slim window design maximised glass within the small opening and matched the design of the ground floor doors.

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External of Three-Pane Slim Patio Door To 1930's House

The frames of the three-pane slim patio door and slim sliding window above were finished in a dark grey RAL PPC to match the exterior design of the extension. All glass within the minimal windows were double glazed with a neutral solar control coating for solar protection. An interior thrust lever locking solution was used (type 2 locking design) for a manual locking option with the highest security and minimal design.

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