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PRESTIGE AluTherm Collection

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AluTherm Collection

The Premium Class comprises wooden doors with aluminium cladding – user-friendly wood on the inside and aluminium protection on the outside. Great protection of the outer shell combined with a warm atmosphere on the inside of the house. This collection gives you all the advantages of wood, from great insulation parameters to natural beauty, while providing the convenience of taking care of the outer shell of the door. Doors in the Alutherm Collection are created for people who want the most modern and maintenance-free wooden designs.

Doors made in three standards of leaf thickness and properties: Termo, Presenta and Arctic.

WOODEN DOORS AluTherm Collection


Overall U-value Thermal Termo – 0.9 W/m2K, Presenta – 0.81 W/m2K, Arctic – 0.58 W/m2K
Class of air permeability Safety Class RC2