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About Us

The Prestige Windows and Doors Group works together with some of the world’s leading windows and doors brands including Prestige Aluclad, Reynaers, IQ Glass, Keller Minimal Windows and Pirnar Doors.

Prestige Windows and Doors offers these brands locally throughout Ireland within our network of showrooms in Dublin, Nenagh, Portadown and Cork. We offer prestige quality with local service and world-leading design solutions.

Our team has over 50 years collective experience in supplying and installing high performance windows and doors throughout Ireland and the UK.

At the heart of every home – when it comes to windows, we believe it is essential to maximise light, improve views, increase comfort levels, achieve superior quality design aesthetics, and provide high-end home security.

Prestige Windows and Doors provide a range of minimal frame windows to increase glass sizes, improving your views and drawing the natural environment into your home. Our Passive windows with U-Values as low as 0.64 W/m²K ensure your home will be warm and comfortable.

With many of our products made from natural timber or minimal aluminium frames, we play our part in protecting both your home and the environment. Our 8-point locking system windows provides security and peace of mind. With our electronic locking systems to our windows and doors we bring the future to your home today.

Architects and self-builders who design bespoke dwellings often struggle to find bespoke glazing products that match their ideal design. Prestige Windows and Doors provide custom solutions from our range of specialist partners. We have developed a reputation as the leading supplier of bespoke glazing solutions in a market often geared toward standardised sizes and designs

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