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PRESTIGE Sash windows on weights and cords

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SASH WINDOWS are traditional constructions found mainly in Ireland, Great Britain and Northern France. Windows of this type operate in an up-down sliding system.

In sash windows we use cords and weights, which are placed on both sides, and the whole piece is finished with internal and external lintels. Each window is equipped with a special pocket that allows access to the weights in the mounted window. 

We also offer sash windows on springs located in the sashes. This reduces the window frame size and therefore increases the amount of light.

The windows are fully equipped with rollers, fitch fasteners, lifts and rings.

The characteristic external horns and the possibilities of making wooden, astragal bars refer to the traditional style of the windows.

It is also possible to make a sash Heritage (140mm) with narrow sash and frame profiles and single glazing from the outside. This profile is dedicated to conservation areas and listings buildings. Opening mechanism only using weights.

Sash windows on weights- construction:    

  • box thickness 150mm, 170mm,
  • steel or lead weights,
  • high quality multilayer timber,
  • REMMERS 4-coat painting system,
  • double glazed unit, Ug= 1,1 W/m2K,
  • warm edge TGI,
  • SCHLEGEL weatherseals,
  • external decorative horns,
  • 58mm thick hardwood threshold.