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PRESTIGE Aluclad Euro Timber/Timber Alu

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Euro Aluclad timber and aluminium windows

Scandinavian-style windows, which open outwards are a great proposition for those who appreciate unconventional solutions. There are five different opening options to choose from, including upwards, sideways or full swivel. The latter allows the external surface of the sash to be freely rotated towards the inside of the room, which makes cleaning and care much easier. Sashes with different opening methods can be freely combined to create windows with sections offering different functionalities.
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Euro wooden windows

The windows have a straight, geometric shape and slender lines. The unusual way of opening to the outside guarantees more than just extraordinary tightness. It also allows for free arrangement of space around the window, as the sashes do not take up space inside. This type of window can be a great solution in any country. The product can be installed in houses located in areas exposed to strong winds, such as mountains, coastlines and open spaces.
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  • Top guided

    Top guided

  • Top swing reversible

    Top swing reversible

  • Side hung

    Side hung

  • Side swing

    Side swing

Euro Windows


Overall U-value Overall U-value 0,92 W/m2K
Acoustic value Acoustic value 32 – 40 dB (depending on the glazing unit)
Water-tightness class Water-tightness class Class E1050
Class of air permeability Class of air permeability Class 4
Resistance to wind load Resistance to wind load Class C2 – C4