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PRESTIGE Aluclad Puro Passive Windows​

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Puro Passive - passive timber and aluminium windows

The highest thermal insulation standard of Puro Passive windows is confirmed by the certification awarded by the Passive House Institut in Darmstadt. The windows have an excellent Uw value of 0.66 W/m²K. Their design ensures high thermal insulation. The profiles are made of wood, a heat-insulating layer and aluminium. The sash frame is 116.5 mm thick and the jamb frame is 108 mm thick. The standard sealed unit is 3-pane with a warm distance frame, low-emission glass and an argon filling in the void between panes.

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Puro Passive Windows


Overall U-value Overall U-value 0,68 W/m2K  
Acoustic value Acoustic value 32 dB
Water-tightness class Water-tightness class Class E1200
Class of air permeability Class of air permeability Class 4