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PRESTIGE Aluclad Thermo80 wooden windows

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Prestige Aluclad tilt & turn inward opening window.

Available in both Wood and Aluclad versions.

Frame shapes with more regular lines make these windows suitable for modern houses. Not only do they look impressive, but they also provide excellent warmth. All thanks to the triple-glazed sealed unit with low-emission glass and argon-filled inter-pane void. Tightness is ensured by a system of three gaskets – two grooving gaskets and one edge gasket. Increased thermal insulation is achieved through deeper installation of the sealed unit in a wooden frame.

Our Thermo 80 range is designed to give you ultimate flexibility in design, combined with simple practical use. Thermo 80 is designed using engineered timber profiles. These timbers are slow grown to ensure they are highly durable and then engineered to give extreme stability often lacking in other timber windows. These timber sections are then clad in aluminium to ensure they remain zero maintenance.

You can select the type of timber you want, the shape of the timber, the shape of the aluminium, you can select double or triple glazing, the design choices are endless. Thermo 80 operates using a tilt and turn mechanism which offers secure ventilation combined with the ability to clean from inside.

Thermo 80 can offer triple glazing and for projects looking to go further, we can offer the Elite 92 Alu. Visually this looks identical, but the depth of the window is increased by 12mm. This 12mm offer increased insulation but also the ability to use thicker glass units which means we can get the overall U value down as low as 0.8 overall.

Stylish, practical, hundreds of design options, makes the Thermo 80 (and Elite 92) the window of choice for many home owners and architects.

Timber only or aluclad options  

  • U-values of: Double (1.2 W/m2K. Uw) or triple glazing (1.0 W/m2K Uw)   
  • Choice of Pine or Oak  
  • Factory finished in your choice of stain or Classic RAL colour  
  • Timber can be supplied in classic or Modern profiles  
  • Aluminium available in 3 options: Classic, Quadrat or Flush  
  • Tilt and turn mechanism allows ventilation and cleaning from inside  
  • Option for hidden hinges  
  • Matching hinged doors and sliding doors  
  • PAS24 security  
  • Option for Trickle vents  
  • Selection of glass types including solar control, laminated and toughened  
  • Turn


  • Open


  • Microventilation


  • Tilt


Thermo80 wooden windows


Overall U-value Overall U-value 0,9 W/m2K  
Acoustic value Acoustic value 32 – 41 dB (depending on the glazing unit)
Water-tightness class Water-tightness class Class 9A
Class of air permeability Class of air permeability Class 4
Resistance to wind load Resistance to wind load Class C5