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Sliding doors glass box extension

Sliding Doors For Glazed Extensions

A glass extension with sliding doors

A glass extension with sliding doors is the ideal way to improve the natural light in your home and to provide better links to your garden.

Keller minimal windows®  aluminium sliding doors by Prestige Windows + Doors are used within this frameless structural glass extension. The sliding glass doors are then installed into the Invisio structural glass assembly to provide the much needed link from the house to the garden.

Sliding doors extension viewed from inside house

In the featured project, minimal windows®  were chosen as the sliding doors for the glass extension, due to the slim nature of their frames. The structural glass extension was also designed with a fully frameless aesthetic. Slim framing was required to the sliding doors to continue this design to the patio door design.  The vertical frame section between the fixed and sliding glass sections is fully thermally broken and is an ultra slim 21mm.

A steel ‘goal post’ design was used for the west elevation of the glass extension, with sliding doors fitted into this opening. Externally, the steel of the glass extension was covered with back painted glass to merge this solid structure into the sheer faces of glass.

Sliding doors glass extension viewed from outside

A two-pane minimal window was used for the glass extension sliding door. A typical internal lock was used, operated via a thrust lever handle (the type 2 lock). The locking operation sits within the slim leading edge of the sliding door to minimise its impact on the visual design. 

Using a dark finish to the sliding doors complemented the black silicone joints of the structural glass box and the black sheer glazing that surrounded the door opening. 

Sliding doors extension glass box looking out at garden from inside

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