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Prestige Aluclad Triple Glazed Windows + Doors: Invest in Energy and Efficiency

Prestige Aluclad Triple Glazed Windows + Doors: Invest in Energy and Efficiency

Prestige Aluclad triple glazing windows and doors provide many benefits, such as improved security, better insulation, and reduced noise pollution. Upgrading your home will not only make your space more energy efficient, but it will also make your home a comfortable place to relax and unwind.

The Top 5 Benefits of Triple Glazing:

  • Exceptional Acoustic Performance
  • Outstanding Thermal Performance
  • Enhanced Security with quality hardware and locking
  • Weather resistance and low maintenance
  • Improved Comfort

Triple glazing is an energy efficient and long lasting solution for any home. It provides you with many benefits ranging from improved security, better insulation and reduced noise pollution.

With an upgrade to Prestige Aluclad triple glazing, you can save money on your energy bills and make your property a more comfortable place to relax whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Triple Glazing vs. Double Glazing: Which Is Right for You?

Triple glazing offers superior insulation compared to double-glazing, reducing energy consumption over time. Although triple glazing typically comes with a higher upfront cost of around 10 to 11%, it will provide you with an array of benefits. If you are looking to make long-term savings, consider triple glazing as a way of improving the soundproofing and insulation of your space.

It is also possible to mix double and triple glazing units depending on the different orientations of your house.  Prestige consultants can advise you on the most practical and economical solutions.

More layers, better acoustic performance

Triple glazing can help with noise reduction by providing additional layers of insulation compared to single or double-glazing. The extra layer of glass and the air gaps between the panes act as barriers that absorb and dampen sound waves, reducing the amount of noise that enters a building. This added thickness and multiple layers help to block and dissipate sound more effectively than single or double-glazing.

The most common gas used for filling the cavity between glazing panes in insulated windows is argon gas, although krypton gas is sometimes also used. Argon is a colourless, odourless, non-reactive gas that is denser than air. It is chosen for its insulating properties, as it reduces heat transfer and enhances the window’s energy efficiency. The same applies to acoustic performance.

The environment around us seems to be getting more and more noisy. If, like so many people, you live in an urban area, filled with road, rail and air traffic noise pollution, you want to make sure that once you enter your home, you leave that all behind.

Prestige Aluclad windows and doors are designed and manufactured to the highest standard, using only quality materials and components. From sustainably sourced timber, to our recyclable aluminium cladding, and only using quality hardware, Prestige windows and doors offer the best quality product for your budget and will last for many decades with minimal maintenance.

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