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Introducing the Latest Advancement in Frameless Sliding Windows: Revolutionizing Spaces with Next Generation Sliding System (NGS)

Revolutionizing Spaces with Next Generation Sliding system (NGS)

Minimum windows® NGS enables a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor areas by providing barrier-free openings of whole window faces up to 50 metres long and 6 metres tall.

Sunlit areas with up to 99.3% maximum transparency, coupled with simple framing, provide a contemporary and spacious atmosphere. This design allows for a balanced balance of natural light and beautiful aesthetics, creating a welcoming environment for modern living.

The new minimum windows® NGS system provides numerous design options, such as a glass thickness range of 34mm to 74mm. The side profiles can be effortlessly incorporated into walls, floors, and ceilings to align your own design ideas with your living space. Furthermore, we provide motorization for opening and closing the sliding leafs, which can move wing weights of up to 1,500 kg along the stainless-steel rail.

The design process has no boundaries, and we are ready to bring your unique thoughts and requirements to reality.

  • The newly designed NGS system enables seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Soft open/close – With the touch of a button, the sliding leafs expand or retract from the wall, considerably increasing convenience.
  • NGS has an entirely new drainage system.
  • In addition to aluminium (anodized or powder-coated), options include wood veneers, Corten steel cladding, and glass fins. 
  • The concealed lever design is one of the most creative system options available in the Next Generation sliding window system by Keller minimal windows®.

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