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Prestige Windows + Doors: New Leopardstown Showroom Launch
Prestige Windows + Doors: New Leopardstown Showroom Launch

New Leopardstown Showroom Launch

Architects and self-builders designing bespoke dwellings often struggle to find bespoke glazing products that match their ideal design, but leading supplier Prestige Windows + Doors says consumers can find custom window and door solutions at competitive prices if they turn to specialist manufacturers.

Prestige Windows + Doors has developed a reputation as a leading supplier of bespoke glazing solutions in a market that is often geared toward standardised sizes and designs.

Prestige focus on glazing for bespoke, passive and nZEB dwellings and have expanded to have showrooms across the country including their latest showroom in Leopardstown, Dublin 18 which formally opened on Thursday 9th November.As well as their own range of timber and aluclad under the Prestige Aluclad brand, Prestige also supply the full range of Reynaers Aluminium and Keller Minimal Windows – nearly frameless aluminium window and door systems. Other ranges include our extensive selection of Spitfire luxury entrance doors.

Prestige Windows + Doors: New Leopardstown Showroom Launch
Prestige Windows + Doors: New Leopardstown Showroom Launch

“One of the most important things when choosing high-performance windows is to choose trusted brands from local suppliers with experienced and local installation crews. The Prestige Group was set up to bring this philosophy together throughout Ireland,” explained Director Declan Loy. As to advice Declan would offer customers in advance of purchasing windows and doors: “Choosing high-performance windows is such as major decision today, the choice is vast and the right choice can increase the value of your home. Ultimately they can increase the comfort and style of your home and provide peace of mind”.

Environmental concerns are playing an increasing role in the design and manufacturer of windows and doors.  Many customers these days are choosing passive-standard windows with U-Values as low as 0.78 W/m²K.  With the choice of Prestige, it is possible to achieve huge areas of glazing with opening sliding doors. This allows you to bring the external environment and beautiful natural light into your home, all with superior energy, water and air-tightness performance”.

“We used to have to tell people that they couldn’t have certain glazing options, which they or their architect might have specified, because the big manufacturers weren’t interested in doing bespoke manufacturing. But that has all changed now with the growth of Prestige” Loy said.

“Prestige Windows + Doors can now offer aluclad sliding doors up to three metres high and six meters wide.  We also offer slim-frame aluminium sliders up to six meters tall, as well as glass-to-glass corners and opening corners.

Loy continued: “We can also now supply extra-large picture windows, – a recent project we completed captured a perfect view in one pane of glass that was 5.7 x 2.3m, something many people aren’t even aware is available. Prestige can supply floor-to-ceiling tilt and turn windows up to 2.9 metres high, with an overall U-value of 0.7 W/m²K


“What differentiates Prestige is that we’re giving both architects and homeowners exactly what they want.  All of these things are what continue to excite me about Prestige Windows + Doors.  We are the number one bespoke window supplier in Ireland now, and there’s not a lot we can’t do or make.”  

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