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Future-Proof Your Home with Low Threshold Sliding and Bi-fold Doors

Prestige Windows + Doors: The Transformative Power of Glass in Your Home

Doors are an essential element of our homes as they provide accessibility, security, and convenience. They also play a significant role in new extensions, with large sliding or bi-folding doors creating beautiful, light-filled new rooms. If you’re considering replacing old patio doors or installing new ones, it’s crucial to consider a low threshold.

A low threshold is not only a design feature but also future-proofs your home for you and your family. It makes it easier to move in and out of the house, especially when carrying heavy items or rushing out for whatever reason. Visitors to your home who are not familiar with potential hazards will also benefit from a low threshold.

Designing your new patio doors with a low or flush threshold creates a better-looking streamlined door. It also improves the view and connects the floor levels to the outside decking or slabs without the visible bulk of other doors.

The Prestige range of sliders and bi-folds with flush thresholds include:

Reynaers HiFinity minimal sliders

• Reynaers MasterPatio sliders

Keller minimal windows

• Reynaers CF-77 Bi-folding doors


With the right product, your builder and a professional installer, you can get flush thresholds with doors in a new extension and in many existing openings with some modification works.
Prestige can work with you and your builder to provide details of the door tracks to help them understand the relationship between the flooring inside and the patio slabs or decking outside to achieve the optimal solution. Ensuring rainwater drains away effectively is very important on flush thresholds for both sliding and bi-folding doors. We can advise on the solutions to ensure that water is quickly and efficiently diverted via integrated threshold details to the your drainage system.

In conclusion, a low threshold is a convenient, functional, and attractive solution. It future-proofs your home and creates a better-looking streamlined door. If you’re looking to replace old patio doors or install new ones, consider investing in Prestige bi-folds or sliding doors with a low threshold. Contact us today for more information for more information or to arrange a showroom appointment.

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