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Prestige Windows + Doors: A guide to Lift And Slide versus In-Line Sliding Doors

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Sliding doors are the perfect way to open up your indoor space to the garden and enjoy better use of both throughout the year.  They have become very popular, allowing people to create less of a divide between inside and out, so they can fully utilise their spaces.

When looking for sliding doors, there are many options and styles to choose from. The type of frame and glass are not the only options you have to consider – you want your sliding doors to be practical, functional and high-performing as well as looking great.

This is why it is important to understand the different types of sliding doors available so you can choose the type that works and looks the way you want them to. You will want to be sure that they will last as long as possible and perform as you need in terms of airtightness, U-values and weather resistance, all with minimal maintenance.

What are the types of Prestige sliding doors available?

There are a few different types of sliding doors available, but you will normally be choosing between “in-line” and “lift and slide” doors.  Both of these allow you to choose various different opening configurations and come with a range of benefits.

Both types of doors sit within their frames, i.e. they don’t project outwards or inwards as with hinged or bi-fold doors. They also both come in a range of sizes, allowing you to fully tailor the design to your needs.  Prestige sliders can come is heights up to 6 meters in our Keller Minimal frames and 2.8 meters in our Prestige Aluclad ThermoHS doors, which can come in widths up to 6.5 meters.

We also can detail more custom design features such as sliders meeting glass-to-glass corners or opening corners without any posts.

Lift and side and in-line sliding doors come in a range of colours, finishes and glass types while also delivering high levels of weather resistance.

The main difference between the two types of sliding door is in the detail of how they open and close:

How do in-line sliding doors work?

In-line sliding doors are the standard option for sliding doors that most people would be familiar with. They normally come in configurations of two, three or four doors, which sit on rollers. This means that when you grab the handle, you’re able to pull the door along its track.

Prestige In-line doors come in timber, aluclad or aluminium.  We have a number of options that can handle differing size and weight capacities. The larger and heavier the door, the more effort will be required to pull it along its track – This means that in-line sliding doors may not be ideal for the larger format doors.

Having said this, our Minimal and Ultra-Slim aluminium frame sliders are In-Line systems that are available with optional motorized operation, allowing for the weight of very large double and triple glazed units. 

How do lift and slide doors work?

Lift and slide doors are a newer option and are perfect for larger panels (without motors) as they are easier to operate, even if a door is heavy.

The doors sit directly on the track when closed, which provides improved thermal performance.  When the handle is turned the door panel lifts up onto its rollers. Once lifted, you can more easily open and close the doors.

A big benefit of these doors is that they can be locked in position anywhere along the track when you turn the handle to lower the door back onto the track. This stops them from being opened accidentally and allows you to control ventilation. They are also a lot more secure and weather tight than in-line sliding doors, with the result that they typically last longer.

Whatever material and size you choose for your doors, you’ll be able to move them more easily than in-line doors regardless of their weight, which is one of the reasons they are becoming increasingly popular.

Which sliding door is best for me?

The type of sliding door that suits you best very much depends on what you want from your door. As well as the opening mechanism, you should to consider size, material, colour and other factors. Prestige Windows + Doors have all of options and the expertise to guide and advise you to make the right choice from timber, aluclad, aluminium or ultra minimal frames.

At our Prestige showrooms, we assist our clients to find the right type of sliding door – taking you through the pros and cons of all the options available.

Ultimately, we will help you find the best sliding door option for you, your design and your budget. 

The full range of Prestige Windows + Doors slider doors include

In Aluclad (or Wood) Frames:

Prestige ThermoHS Alu-Clad Lift and Slide Doors impresses with its high energy efficiency and user-friendliness.

Lift and Slide Panorama Patio Door is a modern solution with even broader view and more light. 

With outward opening sliding leaf Innova Sliding Door is both storm proof and very comfortable to operate.

In Aluminium Frames & Minimal Frames:

MasterPatio is the sliding system of choice for all our partners and customers.

HiFinity’s ultra-slim profiles create seemingly endless transparent surfaces with a minimalist look.

Our extensive product range impresses with the simple beauty of minimalist design, without compromising on functionality.

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