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Prestige Ultimum Pure 638

Ultimum Pure 638

The Ultimum Pure 638 is a distinguished model within Zakuna’s Entrance Doors collection, epitomizing a fusion of aesthetic allure and technical prowess. Available in profiles such as CarbonCore Aluminium, Aluminium Clad Timber, or Timber, it offers a diverse palette of design choices. The door is accentuated by a CarbonCore Aluminium Profile System and is adorned with an overlaid ESG glass with grooves named NIGHT STORM, presented in elegant combinations of PNIGHTSTORMGLOSS and PNIGHTSTORMMATTE. Further enhancing its design is the special LUXOR SPECTRA handle with LUX illumination, and for heightened security, it integrates a SECURO finger scanner within the handle and is fortified with an ARMO COMFORT ELECTRO lock. Additional design elements include a stainless steel protective trim and ambient floor lighting named LUX.


Overall U-value Thermal

 U=0.61 W/m2K to U=0.83 W/m2K

Class of air permeabilitySafetyClass RC2