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Prestige Ultimum Pure 635

Ultimum Pure 635

The Pirnar Ultimum Pure 635 is an innovative aluminium front door that stands out due to its patented OneTouch handle mechanism. This minimalist front door features a mechanism in the handle that opens and closes automatically with the assistance of a fingerprint scanner. The sleek surface model is characterized by the robust strength of aluminium paired with the elegance of Dark Grey glass. A central feature of the door is a pane of striped glass, adding a touch of sophistication. The OneTouch door represents the zenith of innovation in the front door sector, designed for those who desire a unique touch to their modern and stylish homes. For enhanced security, the door is constructed from toughened ESG glass. Pirnar’s OneTouch innovation has been recognized with the esteemed international German Design Award.


Overall U-value Thermal

U-value of U=0.83 W/m2K.

Class of air permeabilitySafetyClass RC2