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PRESTIGE Ultimum Pure 612

Ultimum Pure 612

The Ultimum Pure 612 is a standout model in Zakuna’s collection of Front Entrance Doors. This door is a blend of aesthetic elegance and technical mastery, making it superior to many other entrance doors. It’s available in profiles such as CarbonCore Aluminium, Aluminium Clad Timber, or Timber, catering to a wide range of design preferences. The door prominently showcases a CarbonCore Aluminium Profile System and is adorned with an overlaid ESG glass with grooves named AFRICAN MYSTERY MATTE on the outside. For enhanced security, it integrates a SECURO finger scanner within the handle and is fortified with an ARMO COMFORT ELECTRO lock. Additional design elements include a stainless steel protective trim with ambient floor lighting.


Overall U-value Thermal

U-value of U=0.83 W/m2K.

Class of air permeability Safety Class RC2