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The Classico Premium 3210  is a prominent model within their Entrance Doors collection, exemplifying a harmonious blend of aesthetic charm and technical expertise. Available in profiles such as CarbonCore Aluminium, Aluminium Clad Timber, or Timber, this door offers a wide range of design options. The door is characterized by its CarbonCore Aluminium Profile System and is presented in a distinct Colour 80077. A defining feature is the stained glass with a motif. The door’s design is further accentuated by a handle named PR10RING and a stainless steel protective trim labeled P6203. The Classico Premium range of Front Entrance Doors by Zakuna is described as timeless and elegant. Each door in this range is a poetic ornament, perfect for homes with a touch of the past. They are precision-engineered with the solidity of high-quality materials, ensuring perfect thermal and soundproof insulation.


Overall U-value Thermal U=0.71 W/m2K to U=0.93 W/m2K across different profile systems.
Class of air permeability Safety Class RC2