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Redefining Architectural Elegance with Prestige Windows and Doors in Ireland.

Keller minimal windows®️ is a renowned name in the world of architecture and design. As a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality, and almost frameless aluminum window and door systems, they have established themselves as a trusted partner for architects, builders, and homeowners alike. With over 15 years of experience in the luxury segment, they have developed a deep understanding of the unique needs and requirements of their clients.
Keller minimal windows®️ are committed to pushing architectural boundaries while providing reliable and long-lasting functionality. Their products are designed to meet the most extreme and demanding requirements of modern architecture. 
The exceptionally slim sightlines of the minimal windows®️ system create a beautifully minimalistic aesthetic to contemporary architectural designs. These elegant frames can be manufactured into luxury external glass sliding doors, pivoting doors or even vertical sash windows to add a touch of class and luxury to any project.  A main feature of this system is the ability to hide the outer frames within the wall and ceiling finishes to enhance the minimalistic aesthetic. The aluminium framing can be powder coated in a choice of colours to meet the design requirements of each project.
Whether you are an architect looking for a partner to bring your vision to life or a homeowner looking for high-quality windows and doors that will stand the test of time, Keller minimal windows®️ is the right choice for you.  The minimal windows®️ premium sliding window and door system creates open, light-flooded living spaces thanks to flush base details and slimline, almost frameless profiles. These are not just products – they are a luxury lifestyle.
Prestige Windows and Doors, with our partner IQ Glass are the sole agent for supply and install of Keller minimal windows®️ throughout Ireland.

MINIMAL Keller Minimal 4+

Our extensive product range impresses with the simple beauty of minimalist design, without compromising on functionality or comfort. Our minimal windows®4+ collection, featuring triple-glazed premium windows available as sliding or fixed elements, is perfect for large glass facades, allowing for open living spaces with maximum daylight and unobstructed views of the outside.


Minimal KELLER Highline

The minimal windows® highline systems by Keller combine ultra-thin aluminum profiles with fixed glazing to create large and aesthetically appealing fully glazed facades. Thanks to the huge glass fronts with an area of up to 18 m², you can enjoy an unrestricted view.


Minimal windows ® pivot

Our pivot door rotates on a vertical axis. This makes it visually distinct from standard doors, which are attached via hinges to an adjacent wall. Glass pivot doors are currently a popular luxury home design trend for modern residential architecture.


Minimal windows® curved | Keller Minimal Windows

The minimal windows® curve range consist of rounded glass elements, making it possible to create innovative structural contours and curved outlines. The unusual custom-made silhouettes open up a whole new world of possibilities for architectural design