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Prestige Windows + Doors and IQ® Glass: Pioneering Architectural Glazing Solutions Recognized by 'Grand Designs'

Prestige Windows + Doors with our partner IQ® Glass offer some of the most innovative and cutting-edge architectural glass technology in the market.  IQ® Glass has been the UK’s leaders in the field of architectural glazing for over 20 years.  Our products range from frameless structural glass assemblies, including frameless balustrades, rooflights, and floors, to curved glass and glass extensions. We also offer a wide variety of contemporary framing solutions, including minimal windows, large sliding doors, aluminium casement windows and doors, and specialist flush glazed systems.
Our products can enhance the aesthetic of grand structures and have been recognised by popular TV Series such as Channel 4’s ‘Grand Designs’ and ‘The Restoration Man’.
Prestige Windows + Doors with IQ® Glass offer superior and innovative architectural glass solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how our products can transform your project.  We offer architects, specifiers and the full project team an expert and dedicated service from start to finish. 

MINIMAL Keller Minimal 4+

Our extensive product range impresses with the simple beauty of minimalist design, without compromising on functionality or comfort. Our minimal windows®4+ collection, featuring triple-glazed premium windows available as sliding or fixed elements, is perfect for large glass facades, allowing for open living spaces with maximum daylight and unobstructed views of the outside.


Minimal KELLER Highline

The minimal windows® highline systems by Keller combine ultra-thin aluminum profiles with fixed glazing to create large and aesthetically appealing fully glazed facades. Thanks to the huge glass fronts with an area of up to 18 m², you can enjoy an unrestricted view.


Minimal windows ® pivot

Our pivot door rotates on a vertical axis. This makes it visually distinct from standard doors, which are attached via hinges to an adjacent wall. Glass pivot doors are currently a popular luxury home design trend for modern residential architecture.


Minimal windows® curved | Keller Minimal Windows

The minimal windows® curve range consist of rounded glass elements, making it possible to create innovative structural contours and curved outlines. The unusual custom-made silhouettes open up a whole new world of possibilities for architectural design